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Watch this shocking 3 minute video to find out how the Legendary German Binary System was turned into the fully automated hands free robot capable of turning $250 deposits in $2271 profit in a matter of days completely on autopilot and how you can do it too.

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The only German Quality Binary Robot
capable of turning $250 deposits in $2271 profit
in a matter of days completely on autopilot

$2271 Profit Generated and Counting!

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See What My Students Say
Thousands of my students from Germany and around the world are following the new Bollinger Bands System and German Binary Robot. Lets hear what they have to say about it.
Professor Stefan from Germany
"I have been a financial trader for 11 years now managing funds for private investors. I have met Norbert on one of his seminars in Berlin where he introduced me to his new Bollinger Bands System and German Binary Robot. Honestly I was very impressed by this new system and last week I even introduced it to the group of my traders in the office"
George, UK. Trading veteran (Sorry for poor video quality, George is not good with technology)
It's George and I've been trading on financial markets over 35 years now.. I was one of the Norbert's private investors back in the days. During the last decades I saw it all, the world in crisis, markets crash, big stocks going belly up, investors losing their shirt. But what always amazed me in Norbert is his ability to trade with his German confidence and precision and develop really profitable and time tested systems like Germany Binary Robot...
Hannes from Frankfurt

"I 've been looking for a profitable binary trading systems and could not find anything for a long time. all that was offered was some sort of crappy signal tools, manual systems or outright scams... when i stumbled upon one of the Norbert seminars i started to trade with his Bollinger Bands system which was very profitable for me but required too much work, analyzing charts..

So when Norbert finally automated it into a robot, i was one of the first to try it out . well, i am still really impressed by how profitable and easy it is. The robot is fully web based, so it can trade even when my computer is off which is the best thing for me!"
Greg, USA, binary trader and system developer
Just wanted to send my quick words of thank you to my good old friend Norbert and his new development "German Binary Robot"... I've testes over hundred of binary systems during the last year but what I really like about German Binary Robot is that it not only trades traditional currencies such as Euro, Usd, British Pound and Yen but also commodities like Oil and Gold and even Stocks such as Apple! This is one of the main things that got me really interested in the robot. And it really maximizes the profit potential. Last week it made over $891 usd of profit in just little over 3 days of trading! Impressive, isn't it? Thank you Norbert and look forward to test your new inventions.
David from UK, fulltime trader

My name is David. I am from UK and I am a fulltime trader. I first met Norbert when I was traveling through Europe and visited one of his seminars in Berlin, Germany..

During that time i was not really sure about binary options but Norbert showed me several great techniques how to stay profitable such as Bollinger Band System and German Binary Robot. Honestly, I was amazed by the precision with which this program works. Norbert could apply several sophisticated filters to make Bollinger Band System really profitable.

Since I returned back to Britain I already recommended it to several friends and hope to continue success with this system.
Josh R., binary options trader from Canada

Josh here, binary options trader from Canada. I've been following Norbert and his systems for a while now since I first met him on the early days seminars back in 2009. Well, bollinger bands system by far was always one of my favorites in my trading portfolio. It's pretty easy and straightforward.

When I heard Norbert finally automated Bollinger Bands into a robot, I was really excited about it and gave it a try. 761 usd of profit in just under a week, impressive start, I have to say! Keep up good work, Norb! When you come to Canada again, let me know!
Jess S., Carolina, USA

You know... As a single mother of 2 kids it's tough, I don't have time to breathe...plus, I am technically challenged to say the least! For me computers are like reading Chinese. I gave Norbert Binary Robot a chance because I needed an income stream and he claimed his software is 100% automatic and very profitable. Every single claim has been delivered, and more.

Thank you Norbert. I love that I dont need to keep my computer online all the time and it trades fully automatic. It really helps!
Ryan Nelson, Canada, Binary options expert

Everyone knows that when placing binary options traders, timing is everything. Once second late or 1 second early, and you are toast. Out of 338 trades placed on my account by German Binary Robot, only 3 were too late or too early...that's a breath of fresh air! Thanks Norbert for an outstanding software!

And here is the best part!

You know guys, I travel a lot all over the globe and each time I find myself in different time-zones...that doesn't hurt AT ALL my profitability because from what I can see the software trades equally well in all main trading sessions: EU, USA and Asian sessions. Good work, Norb!
David from Nevada, USA. Art Student and Forex trader.
"I am David from Nevada. I have been interested in Forex for a while now trying different systems, Forex robots on metatrader4 platform but not much really worked for me. When i got into binary options trading it looked like a fresh breath comparing to complicated forex systems. 2 weeks ago I found a new Germany binary robot and decided to give it a try, gladly it has a free trial still. So far so good! 7 out of 9 days went in profit and I am looking forward to another great week! thanks Norbert! cheers!
Mark, financial trader from London

Hello, I am Mark, financial trader from London. I've been visiting Norbert's seminars all across Europe and UK during the last 3 years and I need to say the man really knows his stuff and really passionate about this whole binary options industry.

I was one of the first to try his new German Binary Options Robot and it really exceeded my expectations so far.

Glad I was included in the betatester group. I even made my own filter for new Bollinger Bands system for him. Thank you Norbert for all the hard work you do! Call me when you come to London next year! Would be great to meet again!

Frequently Asked Question
Why are you providing a 30-day trial of your product?

We want you to experience the incredible performance of this software for yourself - without needing to pay for it first.

We want you to make sufficient money to cover the purchase price - before you decide whether the software is worth $2400 to you and/or whether you actually want to buy your own copy.

Most of all, we want to PROVE to you that within one month (i.e. before your trial period expires) you can easily grow a small account, of say $200, into over $2,000!

In fact, most of the people buying our software do so with money they made during their trial period.
When is the next Binary Seminar in Berlin?
I have a busy schedule next month. Please get in touch with me by email support@germanbinaryrobot.com to book the seminars or personal mentoring.
What profit did it generate for your students?
We saw $250 deposits turning into $2271 profit in a matter of days!
Is it easy to start? I have never traded binary options before!
You bet! I'm sure a lot of you have never traded before in your life and that's fine because all you need to do is follow the instructions and everything will become clear.
Is it a fully automated software or just signal tool?
It is a 100% fully automated robot. Not a signal tool or indicator!
It connects to the broker via API automatically trading for you!
What is the difference between the 30-day trial version and the paid version of the software?
Technically speaking, absolutely none.
Both versions provide you 100% access to ALL signals on ALL available currency pairs, and to all features of the software. They are completely identical in these respects.
How much money can I make trading Binary Options with this software?
That depends on how much you plan to start trading with. Take 200 € account, for example, and trading high probability signals (90% and above), you could easily make in the region of 600 € and 700 € per week.
Do I need to use my credit card for the 30-day trial period signup?
Absolutely not. You will NOT be asked for your credit card information when registering for your 30-day trial.
Does your software work with Mac computers?
Absolutely! The software is WEB BASED so it can work even on your Phone! Nothing to download and configure! Fully web based in your members area!
I don't have much free time - can I still take advantage of the software's signals?
Yes. Absolutely! The software is fully automated.
How easy is it to install the software?
As I mentioned before, The software is WEB BASED so it can work even on your Phone! Nothing to download and configure! Fully web based in your members area!
How easy is it to use the software?
It really could not be any easier. Once you start the trial, simply login to your members area and follow instructions to activate the robot and let it auto trade for you. That’s it!
Do I have to be logged into the system for it to work?
Of course not! The robot works on secure cloud hosted vps, there is no need to keep your computer on! Just make sure you activated your robot first.

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