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My name is Steve C. and together with my Partner Mike and the team behind sellslikecandy.com we have developed one of the best converting affiliate offers on the planet

The popular Norbert (German Banker) is back with his first automated binary trading robot (not another signal software, but real automatic trading) !

Not only do we have videoproof of Norbert doing seminars teaching binaries and an ultra sleek German Cliche Salesvideo.. we also have super support and high converting follow up funnel on site to convert prospects into customers straight away!

The germanbinaryrobot is Evergreen. and its a FREE offer.. that`s right customers download the bot for free.. when they start using it.. and they will you get

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We make sure that this will be one of the best if not THE BEST Binary Launches you participated in this year.. no more 1-2 Epcs .. let`s shoot for the stars :)

Steve C and Mike

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Got affiliates friends? Are you affiliate broker and want to invite sub-affs? We can setup 2nd tier contract with you! Reach us at support@germanbinaryrobot.com

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Affiliate Swipes
Important: It is imperative that you follow this launch schedule closely.. it will guide your visitors into the sales funnel and we will grab them and convert them into pure money for you.. as well as make them happy with a great product ultra low refund rates and the world`s very first German Binary Robot worth its name!
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Evergreen Promo Follow up swipe 1
Norbert's Follow up email. converts like crazy! All lists types supported
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Norbert's Follow up email 2. All lists types supported . Make sure to include the Image of the winning trades in the middle for higher CTR! The direct link to the image is ... http://germanbinaryrobot.com/images/affiliates/wontrades.png

Hi guys

Remember yesterday when I told you that norbert is giving his secret money making software for free expecting people to seriously pay 2,400 usd AFTER they tested it?

Laughing it off?? Thinking ... such a gullible easy to exploit system?

Well, with over 7,700 downloads done (according to download data norbert was willing to show) 150 people Purchased the robot already!

That`s right.. they paid him!!

I decided to give it a try myself now because chances are he might shut down the free licenses (they are fully functional and basically the same as the full version)

Surely I don`t want to miss out by doing nothing.. that`s the worst thing to do anyways...

Well i downloaded.. i hit start and..

Here are the results..


This little tool just gave me a few hundreds bucks.. in a DAY! I just clicked the "ON" Switch inside and it pulled the monies in! Real cash! NO nonsense! IM like in SHOCK and AWE at the same time!

It`s INSANE...

I take back what I said yesterday..

Norbert buddy you rock and I believe people WILL buy the software.. hell as soon as I made 5,000 usd of it il buy it myself !


Don`t delay, since the only problem I have now is that too many of you download and profit and the brokers will try to shut it down..

Norbert said that he will switch out brokers if that happens, but I don`t believe this will run as good as it works now forever!


Don`t wait for a second.. download and click trade and off you go..

Best money making product I have seen in 2014.. Im back milking the brokers with this baby... hope youre aboard.. its time for payback and wallet filling!!! YIIIIIHAAA :)

An excited


PS: The brokers are NOT happy.. we take from them! That`s the way to go.. let`s play robin hood taking from the rich and ... filling OUR pockets :)


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Evergreen Promo Followup: feedback received!
Awesome feedback received (100% Real one!), strong conversions guaranteed.

Hello there!

By now you know im quite close to the german banker that I lovingly call Norb .. and that while at the beginning I was kind of confused at his "business" idea...

(Context: Hes giving out his secret trading software that you can buy for 2,400 usd currently for free... yes the full version yes no autoclosure and no c-card required!


.. of not charging a dime and giving out his best kept secret thats making hudnreds of thousands of dollars for free...

I've changed my mind..

As he told me people are truly great if you let them "prove" it..

Maybe the web with its con-artists, and scammers just darkened my view and made me a person with negative expectations right from the start.. who knows.. maybe the same happened to you ?

with all the notworking stuff, the promises of endless riches and the rip offs?

Well today guys I got something special for you..

its an email norbert recieved and he forwarded it to me to show me how it actually feels to help people the "right way".. And I am deeply impressed

he sent it to me as a screenshot as so many of the written testimonials are just fake B.S....


So allow images in your e-mail viewer!

Its touching isn`t it?

Norb is holding out strong for the little guy.. the software is still there to be downloaded for free!

Heres the link again


If you don try it youre really missing out on the ONE opportunity.. the one lucky shot at making money effortlessly.. the best thing I have personally seen since forever

So far close to 10,000 people (ten thousand!) have downlaoded the software..

and 1,400 have already PAID for it because they WANTED to...

Out of gratitude, out of happyness or maybe eve out of fear it might be a demo only or a non complete version if they didnt...

However norb assured me that both versiona re identical 100% and he wanted me to tell you..

Free or paid.. JUST USE IT and see your future change for the better.. dont sit and delay. after all theres absolutely zero risk involved!!

Hope you go and take up your shot at financial freedom.. because good things such as this won`t lats forever

With that being said... take care :)



Evergreen Promo Followup: Building drama
Sever Overload, strong scarcity building, closing sales, hurry up! Last call to grab a copy!!!
Evergreen Promo Followup
Real life testimony with picture from Hannes, the gaming dude, ensures high conversions.


The week just started after markets were closed and I received this E-mail just today and needed to share it with you!

Sidenote: Hes using THIS free bot to archieve this!


Hi [yourname] my name is Hannes and i'm a real junge (real boy lol) from germany too.. Now i'm not sure if his norbert guy is a good trader and if his seminars are so good but boy the robot is a winner!

at least I can tell you I live in Spandau (outskirts of Berlin) and the kempinski is there and since im a nosy guy I went there and truth to the matter norbert WAS there :)

Anyways... since using this robot I have made over 3,450 Euros!!!

I have tripled my initial deposit already and its just running while im playing Titanfall (new Xbox game don`t mind)..


Ich bin wirklich sehr glьcklich!! (Im happy)

Dankeschцn, Thank you for sending me this i'm going to buy a ton of pc gear now to enjoy my gaming hobby... 30 inch monitor here I come!!

Ps: I havent bought it yet norbert says we can run with it 30 days.. so that`s what I will do and decide later :P

Many happy thank you`s



Xbox Id: Razzorblade (challenge me!)


Amazing news Hannes :)

See what people can do if given the right tools?

Don`t wait




Evergreen Promo Followup
: What is inside German Binary Robot? Sneak peek into how it works and looks! Sells like candy, high EPC guaranteed!

We received a lot of requests to show what is inside German binary robot and how it works.

So we found a video that explains exatly what is inside and how it works.

Make sure you see this short 3 minte video

Especially pay attention on 2:33 when he is showcasing the robot itself and logs into the account.


=> Download [LINK]

Many people already downloaded the free trial and here is their feedback:

let me share the email i just received from one of norbert students, Ron, that already use the new robot!


So, go to

=> [LINK]

and take a look how it works and how easy it is to trade with it ! As you can see the system is fully automated and web based. There is no need to keep computer on all the time like with forex robots! Just click activate button and let it trade.

=> [LINK]

Evergreen Promo Followup
: Trust building high converting swipe. Performance verified by Binary Verify! No tricks possible!

Hey there fellow trader.

I guess you are tired of scams and wondering if Binary robot performance is fully verified? Today I wanted to explain what the Verification Seal on Norbert page over at

=> [LINK]


He opened a small 250 usd account (to prove you don't need thousands to succeed and can start with just 250 usd!) and got that account audited by a 3th party verification company BinaryVerify that guarantees the balance and earnings!


that`s right.. no faking around, no photoshopped screenshots.. nothing.. Like an asset auditing company the results you see below and on our site are 100% genuine.. made by Norbert and verified by another company.

Norbert wanted to go to great lengths to assure you that everything is 100% legit and most of all makes money!

And that turned into $2271 profit from just 250 in a matter of days! Fully Verified!


Go here to start


Ok, he is driving to another seminar, busy schedule. Grab trial while it's still on!


Go here to start

=> [LINK]

thank you for your support.. spread the word.. the more we are the more everyone makes because we can analyze more trading data and develop even better earning models... the brokers hate us anyways for making so much money ;)

Take care and talk soon!


Quests and Answers session reveals great points about Binary Robot and turns your EPC sky high (8-9 EPC after 3 days of mailings based on cold traffic)

I received a lot of requests from you about Binary Robot software. Here is Q and A.

Q: Does it work? I was scammed before!
A: Hell yeah! Take a look at the recent trades.


Q: Do you mean it wins 100% of trades??
A: Of course not. No system can guarantee 100% win rate! However by diversifying portfolio into different currencies, commodities and even stocks, and using advanced Bollinger bands algorithms, the robot achieves great success.

Q: Is the performance verified? I dont trust you yet.
A: Sure. The performance is verified by 3rd party verification service: Binary Verify (R). You can click on the shield to check youself!


Q: What profit did it generate for your students?
A: We saw $250 deposits turning into $2271 profit in a matter of days!

Q: Is it easy to start? I have never traded binary options before!
A: You bet! I'm sure a lot of you have never traded before in your life and that's fine because all you need to do is follow the instructions and everything will become clear.

Q: Is it a fully automated software or just signal tool?
A: It is a 100% fully automated robot. Not a signal tool or indicator!
It connects to the broker via API automatically trading for you!

Q: When is the next Binary Seminar in Berlin?
A: I have a busy schedule next month. Please get in touch with Norbert's assistant to book the seminars or personal mentoring.


Q: How can I get 30-day trial of your product?
A: Sure, no risk trial can be started here:

Start Trial Here [LINK]

Q: Do I have to be logged into the system for it to work?
A: Of course not! The robot works on secure cloud hosted vps, there is no need to keep your computer on! Just make sure you activated your robot first. The sofware is fully web based. You can access to it even from iPhone!

Q: How much money can I make trading Binary Options with this software?
A: That depends on how much you plan to start trading with. Take 200 € account, for example, and trading high probability signals (90% and above), you could easily make in the region of 600 € and 700 € per week.

Q: Count me in! How to get started???
Here is your members link. Do not share! It is unique to your email license.

=> [LINK] (only for [email] , do not share)

and download insider new Binary software.


Download it here:

=> [LINK]

Finally everything is automated.. no need to trade manually anymore... its great news!!

Yes, Norbert's revolutionary Bollinger Bands strategy is finally fully automated in a robot!

And you'll be amazed how profitable it is!

But see it for yourself!

=> [LINK]

Take care and talk soon!

Norbert's Popular Bollinger Band System promo swipes

Hey Guys,

This is so unbelievable but here's the link to a free video were a german Ex-banker named Norbert generates 5,500 USD out of THIN air in just 7 Days. No kidding!


It`s an ingenious system that we have never seen before and has nothing to do with marketing calling link building or anything like it!

Also you can start doing the same in under half an hour.. and pocket like 300-500 usd on this very DAY!


Sounds to good to be true? So did we but it just works like magic and you:

NEVER EVER have to pay a single dime! No trial period no C Cards no memberships absolutely nothing nada ZIP!

Click the link and watch the video.. you will be baffled!

You might think its just a lure in or something but really.. NOTHING TO BUY OR PAY EVER!

Crazy... simply crazy.

Thank me later,

Take care,

Your Name

I just came of the plane, had a very nice trip to a london meeting with a few fellow contacts out of the banking business. This very morning I traded a little bit our "Bollingerband" strategy and pocketed a nice 650 usd, just to keep my skills and instincts good..

You know, a good trader stays on top of his game right?

I have people trading for me now but I still love the game and need to hone my skills ;)

Have you started making money yet ? I got my tech guys to modify the site a little with minor tweaks to make it even easier for you to get started!

In Short:


Modified video 2 to SHOW now how my student takes 2500 eur from his Brokerage and wires it to his bank.. so that you can see CLEARLY that this is no hocus pocus but real!

(near the end of THIS video)



the 2 things you need to start:

a.) brokerage account:


How to trade:

(video tutorial)


Get a cup of coffee and watch carefully.. let me know how much money you earn with it.. I love success stories (make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside)

From a snowy Düsseldorf (pretty cold here)

Your Name

I just came of the meeting, had a very nice meeting with a few fellow contacts out of the banking business. This very morning I traded a little bit our "Bollingerband" strategy and pocketed a nice 650 usd, just to keep my skills and instincts good..

You know, a good trader stays on top of his game right?

I have people trading for me now but I still love the game and need to hone my skills ;)

Speaking of it, have you started making winning trades already?

Remember our German banker membersarea website at,


I got a lot of messages in my inbox that I need to wade through! Please bear with me if responses are a little late.. I'm overwhelmed.

I will soon share a few emails I got from some people that make much coin already. Theres even a guy that made a little "trading saloon" and uses our trading system on 5 computers at the same time!

I'm seriously impressed and glad. I hope You put the money to good use Marcel ;)

Okay that`s it .. soon a few testimonials of happy traders will follow along with my scheduled seminars for 2013!


Go to [LINK] to get this strategy now!

Take care and start trading.. you're almost at the end of the rainbow and will enjoy all the benefits of a better life.. i am 100% sure of it!


Your Name

Very excited to show you a 100% free, never pay a dime, no CC needed, no trial period, no demo make money from home opportunity, that you can

Start RIGHT away to earn 15,400 usd / Month with.


Norbert R. an Ex-Banker from Deutsche Bank reveals his approach on how he teaches just one of his students how to make 5,500 usd in a single week

Right on Video:

no screenshots! no faked photoshopped proof. The video documentary shows him in his seminar in the german hotel Kempinsky teaching in front of a class and 1 on 1 with a random student helping him generate 5,500 in just 7 trading days.. really unbelievable.


To top it off, its absolutely 100% free and its not a lure to buy anything at all ever..

You need to check the video out and learn this method in the next 30 minutes..


Copy step by step and you can do the same in like minutes from now. It`s genius!

Thank me later :)

Your Name

Ps: Norberts page is already overrun. Hes taking it down soon, in fact he already posted it in his news section right on the site (seats limited)

You gotta have to act and check it out. it`s free after all.. Don`t let your neighbor grab it before you do..

Just 1 click to something you have never seen before. Act fast!

OMG, my pancreas just texted.

My Liver just phoned.

My stomach just tweeted.

My brain is sending smoke signals.

Every cell of my body is dying to tell you about our pal the banker Norbert R. that teaches people how to make money with a 5 minute strategy for Free!


Why am I (and all of my bodily parts) excited? Because his easy to learn "bollinger Band" system is making people loads of money without the need to pay for anything.. crazy but Visitors love it.

Videos like his are easy to understand and his soothing voice is almost hypnotizing.

In just 30 minutes of free videotime, He`s going to show you how to make up to 1,400 usd a day,significantly increase your freetimeand being laid back and in general a cool guy/gal with pockets full of money ;)

Skeptical? Maybe I’m crazy.

I challenge you to take a look and see.


If you don’t come away with more money than you came in with I’ll get my spleen to cut down the chatter and leave you alone.


My heart will thank you for it and you will love it.


your name

PS: you dont need to make a memebrship of any kind. Its click and run. very cool! Youl see norbert hold a video seminar right there and then!

Broker Drama Swipes. Scarcity building. Greedy brokers are about to shut down Norbert!
Tuesday: He profits too much " greedy conglomerate is about to shut Norbert down
Thursday: It is still ON, last chance to grab a free trial. Amazing Testimonials came from Norbert students
Friday - Servers are DOWN! Drama escalates. Scarcity growing. Hurry up!

Almost!! really I saw the germanbinaryrobot the one and only bot that is making consistent profits gone from the internet...

The site was not reachable for about 30 minutes today..


I thought this was it for you guys.. the cool thing is that the robots interface is hosted on a secret server so those that are making profits and HAVE downlaoded norberts free robot are going to make money for a long time to come... just no new downloads will be possible..

was this 30 minute downtime a sign of thigns to come?
Is the evil brokerage conglomerate going to force norbert to put down his software?

I really don`t know :(


I checked and right NOW the free robot download link works... so better be safe than sorry and download it right away right?


So many people struggle for financial freedom nowadays.. and you are literally ONE click away.. just one..

It might be the last chance you get...



3 Day High Converting Promo Series
Tuesday Email Swipe "You made my day" outstanding testimonials received. "If they can do it, so can you!"


You really need to see these testimonials about the german banker norbert. Maybe you have heard of it somewhere and quickly dispatched it as some sort of binary options scam but let me tell you.. this isn`t. In fact people are making money left and right.. have a look


and then download it free of charge here


Remember its completely 100% free no credicard B.S. and no limitations! Period!



Thursday, "Here is what you have been missing:"

Hi there.. Since like 24 hours ago Michael and aproximately 434 25 usd trading germanbinaryrobot users pocketed 525 usd .. no kidding!

In fact had you let the bot trade for you for the last 24 hours with 25 usd bets you would have made that sum in profit.

Did you miss out? Well sadly someone else pocketed it..

Don`t be left behind.. it`s free and it works!

Here is what you have been missing:


Download your profit making robot right away!



Ps: Who knows how much we will have made until tomorrow??


Friday: "Someone else it making your money, not you! You keep missing the winners"

PPC Strategies and Keywords

Since We have a great EPC (earnings per click) Ratio you must consider Pay Per Click as an advertising option to send traffic!

Google Adwords is the first choice but if that`s too hard / crowded already here are some GREAT Alternatives :)

Yahoo! Bing Network (link bingads.com)
As the name suggests, this is an ad network by the two other major search engines. Apart from Yahoo! and Bing, the marketplace features syndicated partner sites such as Facebook, Amazon plus networks like The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Bing Network accounts for 30% of the online search share in the US. The main advantage of Bing Ads compared to Google AdWords is great support service: no automated reply templates, real people providing actionable tips to solve your problems. Bing Ads have lower prices compared to Google AdWords. Traffic is often lower than that in Google AdWords, yet it’s of really high quality.
BuySellAds (buysellads.com)
BuySellAds is by far one of the largest networks you can use to effectively disseminate your banner ads around the web. According to BuySellAds team, they have a huge turnabout, selling over 6 billion ad impressions each month.It’s a very convenient marketplace with transparent processes, which provides a good choice of high-quality sites, especially in internet and tech niches. To buy ads, sign up here.
AdRoll is a retargeting platform, which is one of the top third-party tools officially approved by Facebook as providing access to FBX. Apart from FBX, AdRoll supports Google AdWords and has its own ad network. However, their strongest point is really FBX. According to our in-house experience, both AdRoll’s prices and conversion rates are relatively high. 2-week free trial can be started here.
7Search (7search.com)
7Search is one of the oldest second-tier paid advertising networks. The system has a minimum deposit of $25. The traffic is pretty cheap, so you can run a decent test for your keywords even with this deposit. On the downside, the traffic quality is low and there’ll be very little traffic for long-tail keywords, so you really need a bit of experiment to see if it works for you. 7Search Advertising account can be created here.
Infolinks (infolinks.com)
Infolinks is a marketplace that supports in-text advertising, which, as creators put it, is a great way to “overcome banner blindness.” Fair enough. There are four types of ad units to choose from: inframe, insearch, intag, and intex. You can submit your advertising information to Infolinks’ Self-Serve Marketplace here, though it looks like there’s some maintenance running at the moment.
Kontextua (kontextua.com)
Similar to Infolinks, Kontexua is an in-text advertising network. The major version of this service is in Spanish, so if you’re interested in the Spanish-language market, it’s definitely worth a try. Anyway they have an English version as well, so you can use it anyway. You can apply to join Kontextua as an advertiser here.
DNTX.com (dntx.com)
DNTX.com is a direct traffic navigation platform, i.e. it provides advertisers with the traffic of parked domains. Putting it into simple words, with this system you can get people who type in an exact URL of a relevant site they once visited. This site is no longer active, so they’re redirected to your site instead. Potentially you can get traffic that converts better and costs less that Google AdWords. It might work really well if you find a suitable EMD domain. When you look through the list of sites in DNTX.com, it’s not always clear from the domain name if the site is match thematically, so check relevancy additionally at archive.org. You can sign up to DNTX.com here.
Sponsored Tweets (sponsoredtweets.com)
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ADsmonster (adsmonster.com)
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Helpful Hints by Steve:

Start small! start with a small budget and very little cost per clicks.. be selective.. the smaller you start the better it is because a profitable campaign is ALWAYS scalable trough higer payments and funds!!

Starting out widespread almost never works!

Germanbinaryrobot has huge EPC returns... this means you should see success realtively easily with bought hits.. so once you find and tuned a campaign that works chances are it works in MOST of the traffic suggestions above!

DUPLICATE your campaign for more traffic!

On the other hand if you have a campaign that does NOT work chances are high it won`t work on the other sites as well... so work harder :)
Make accounts in all of the pay per click spaces.. it might cost you half an hour but do it as the firsts tep.. later on when a campaing is not working as it should you will keep working on it because you spent time opening so many ppc accounts.. youre less likely to give up!
when in doubt ask yourself.. youd rather keep trying with such a high EPC product as germanbinaryrobot or go back and work hours daily behind a shop o real world business?? PUSH YOURSELF !
Exclude 3rd world countries that don't have purchase power and concentrate only on English speaking first world countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia)
Below are some SEO keywords you can work with... however do your own research and find your own niches.. everything publiced here is used by tens or even hudnreds of people.. new grounds work best .. use negative keywords as well :)
Contact me! Im Helpful (sort of) :) Skype id: steve25m Im here to help.. but only if you have comittment and the will to make money.. don`t expect me to hand you a working campaign and that`s it.. work for it be happy and scale... thats the way to go

PPC Ads ideas that proven to convert
(remember to edit them and create your own!)

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Germans.. Not Everyone Is A Nazi Over There.

German Millionaire Spills The Beans And Gifts It All Away.. Insane.

Whos Named Norbert And Makes Millions WIth A Little Software Tool? here.. Here!!

Yummy Yummy Yummy I got Money In My Tummy... And You Can Have it Too!

1 Download 1 Click 240 USd Afterwards.. Intrested??

Free Seminar Video Showing German Banker Secrets. MUST SEE

Binary Keywords

Norbert Binary Robot Ebook Giveaway

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